Post #8: Another Farmville request from aunt Judy?


Our poor parents, right? How did they ever make it through the majority of their lives without Facebook? They never knew how to properly manager a farm through Farmville. They never experienced the tension in the locker bay the morning after Stacey and Miranda got in a brawl on Tim’s wall over Team Jacob or Team Edward. How did they know who in their class got pregnant after graduation? But worst of all, how did they manage to carry on with their lives without knowing what kind of bird their Facebook friends would be?!?!

This is an obvious reduction of the capabilities that Facebook does harness however. While average users are busy posting unflattering pictures of their food, and sharing their 16th selfie of the day they may be oblivious to some of the features that Facebook possesses. For example its most basic functions include posting status, sharing photos/videos, creating events, messaging, and creating groups. Facebook also tapped into the market of mobile apps, especially games. Can you remember the last time you downloaded an app and it didn’t ask you to sign in through Facebook? (On a side note; proceed with caution when signing into an app through Facebook. Before you know it all your Facebook friends get a glaring look at how many swaps a day you truly are doing in Candy Crush.)

 As your reading this actually take a look at your smartphone. If you have the Facebook app downloaded onto your phone you are among 77.6% of American smartphone users. Facebook has an incredible reach as a social media platform.  In fact in September of 2012 Facebook had reached 1 billion users. Yes you read that correctly; 1billion users! In March of 2013 it was announced that this number had increased again to 1.11 billion, and currently stands at 1.15 billion. Now let me put that into perspective for you. Only 2.7 billion people on planet earth have access to the internet. In other words a little over 42% of those who have internet access have a Facebook page.

With numbers staggering well above a billion, Facebook is one of the best platforms to market a business. Knowing this, the engineers at Facebook have made some pretty cool features available for those who use Facebook for more than just sharing pictures of their cat. Businesses can track how many people see their posts, when people are viewing their post, and promote their posts for a small fee. It is also possible to tailor your audience when prompting a post. And surprisingly, the interface on the business pages is extremely user friendly and relatively easy to decipher information from.

Aside from all the features Facebook has to offer, the company itself is doing some admirable humanitarian work. Through an initiative called, Facebook and other leading companies in the technology and non-profit organizations are working together to bring internet to the 2/3 of the world without it. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, had recently mentioned in a CNN interview that internet should now be considered a human right and not a privilege. This may be a controversial statement but take away any teenager’s internet access and slowly watch the world burn.

So even if you are going to send a brick through your computer screen the next time your aunt invites you to play “puppy palace” on Facebook, or your friend tags you in a picture from middle school, at least you can appreciate the powerful humanitarian work that Facebook is participating in and try to ignore the horror it can ensue.


2 thoughts on “Post #8: Another Farmville request from aunt Judy?

  1. HAHAHA! I totally get those invites from apps! Ive actually blocked all app invites on facebook because it was constantly filling up my notifications. Great blog!

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